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Orebić…the cradle of the captains

Orebić is the largest town on the Pelješac peninsula; placed at the base of the highest hill St. Ilija, overlooking at Pelješac channel and Island Korčula (only 15 min away). Already recognized as a very attractive tourist destination, possesses all necessary attributes for your complete holiday pleasure. Take a moment to notice the surrounding scenery; its beauty will catch you by surprise. Get to know rich maritime tradition conserved in Maritime Museum and local captain houses and find out why Orebić is called “cradle of the captains”. On the other hand lots of restaurants, taverns, cafe bars, beach bars… It is very hard to pinpoint what are the best qualities of Orebić, as it is filled with various tourist contents. The best way is to experience it completely and enjoy everything this little Dalmatian town has to offer.